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Sept/Oct 2001
Cover Story: Why Kimco Shareholders Love Milton Cooper
Editor's Note: Winds of Change?
Portfolio Dynamics: Rock Solid: The REIT Dividend Story
Tracking The Market: REITs Rock
Investment Fundamentals: Puzzle Palace
Analyst Notebook: Revisiting Cap Ex for Regional Malls
Regional Economies: The Texas Chronicles
Parting Shot: Gaming FFO
Investor's Guide
Jan/Feb 2001
Cover Story: First Cousins
Editor's Note: Filter Out the Noise
Analyst Interview: Up Close With Jonathan Litt
Industry Awards: Shining Stars
2001 Market Outlook: REITs On the Rise ...Will It Last?
By The Numbers: The High Life, Again
Warehouse/Distribution: The Logistical Revolution
Investment Fundamentals: Tough Choices
Parting Shot: The Best Offense Is a Good Defense
Investor's Guide
Fall 2000
Cover Story: Doing The Right Thing
Editor's Note: The Journey Continues ...
Company Spotlight: Failure to Communicate
Sector Spotlight: Critical Condition
The New Economy: Plugged In
Tracking The Market: Bye, Bye Bear Market Blues
Investment Fundamentals: NAV Growth: A Meaningful Performance Yardstick
By The Numbers: Much Better, Thank You
Washington Wire: Legislative Relief
Investment Basics:Just How Safe Are REIT Dividends, REALLY?
Investment Insight: Opposites Attract
Parting Shot: Wrestling With Net Asset Value
Investor's Guide
Winter 2000
Cover Story: REITs at the Millennium
Company Spotlight: Can Crescent Get Its Groove Back?
Property Fundamentals: Lack of Correlation
Awards Spotlight: Best & Brightest
Investment Analysis: Applying MPT to REIT Portfolios
Investment Fundamentals: The High Cost of Real Estate Ownership
By The Numbers: A Fund Manager’s Worst Nightmare
Point Of View: REITs and Rights Plans
Investment Spotlight: Spooked
The New Economy: When Worlds Collide
Investment Insight: LBO Math
Parting Shot: Coming of Age
Investor's Guide
Fall 1999
Cover Story: REITs Behaving Badly
Shareholders Rights: Caught in the Middle
Investment Analysis: Struggling With Net Asset Value
Capital Markets: Minnows vs. Sharks
Investment Fundamentals: Analyzing REIT Convertibles
Property Fundamentals: Light at the End of the Tunnel
Benchmarks: New Kid on the Block
By The Numbers: Small Victories
Parting Shot: What's Wrong With REITs?
Investor's Guide
Winter 1998
Cover Story: Bigger Really Is Better
Analyst Interview: Gazing Into the Future
Mutual Fund Spotlight: Burning Up the Track!
Market Insight: Thinking the Unthinkable
Capital Markets: "No Free Lunch" - A Discussion of Leverage and REITs
By The Numbers: Déjà Vu All Over Again
Investment Fundamentals: The Brouhaha Over Unit Investment Trusts
Parting Shot: Stress Testing the REIT Market
Investor's Guide
Fall 1998
Cover Story: Taubman Changes Course
Analytic Viewpoint: A Neural Disconnect
Mutual Fund Spotlight: An Anchor to Windward
Market Insight: REIT Market Melt Down
Capital Markets: The Ratings Game
By The Numbers: A Very Tough Year
Investment Trends: Surveying the Landscape
Parting Shot: Creating Value for Public Shareholders
Investor's Guide
Summer 1998
Cover Story: Play it Again, Alan and Lionel!
Analyst Interview: Which Way From Here, Larry?
Mutual Fund Spotlight: Burning Up the Track!
Market Insight: Thinking the Unthinkable
Capital Ideas: DRIP, DRIP, DRIP ... Super DRIP
By The Numbers: Trial by Fire
Investment Trends: The Brouhaha Over Unit Investment Trusts
Parting Shot: Do Earnings Drive Stocks?
Investor's Guide